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Super satisfying, downright delicious nuts from Tong Garden. Time for some healthy snacks to accompany your day. Our flagship brand. Tong Garden has been producing and distributing nuts and snacks since 1963. Tong Garden’s nuts are loved and consumed by millions of people around the world. We have a wide variety of nuts such as cashews, pistachios, almonds, macadamias, peanuts, groundnuts, broad beans. Our nuts comes in a variety of different flavours such as honey, wasabi, onion and garlic, hot and spicy.
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12 PACK - TG Salted Pistachios 150gr
Special Price Rp 792.000,00 Regular Price Rp 1.056.000,00
12 PACK - TG Salted Pistachios 35gr
Special Price Rp 193.500,00 Regular Price Rp 258.000,00
12 PACK - TG Salted Peanut 180gr
Special Price Rp 247.500,00 Regular Price Rp 330.000,00
12 PACK - TG Honey Sunflower Kernels 35gr
Special Price Rp 88.200,00 Regular Price Rp 117.600,00
12 PACK - TG Shandong Groundnuts 110gr
Special Price Rp 141.750,00 Regular Price Rp 189.000,00
12 PACK - TG Salted Sunflower Seeds 120gr
Special Price Rp 170.100,00 Regular Price Rp 226.800,00
12 PACK - TG Honey Cashew 40gr
Special Price Rp 193.500,00 Regular Price Rp 258.000,00
12 PACK - TG Cashew Nuts Mixed Macadamias Salted 35gr
Special Price Rp 211.500,00 Regular Price Rp 282.000,00
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